About us

Dear visitor of our website. Let us introduce ourselves briefly:

PhDr. Peter Ďurný, CONSULTING is a consulting and educational training company. Founding members of this company developed consulting activities since 1990 and under the name CONSULTING started its activities in 1992. Since 1993 is our company accredited institute of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Slovak Republic with number of credit 0782.

Our company for its period of existence operated and also operates in various areas of education. Therefore our course participants has been owners, managers, sales representatives, doctors, medical staff, accounts, personnel security services, budding entrepreneurs, unemployed and many others.

For the period of its existence our company has built a stable position in the market of counseling and educational services. By 2012 our clients include about 450 companies and organizations across the whole business spectrum. It means from large companies with nationwide and international scope by business owners. On a vertical level of management we work with top management through the middle and line management to also blue collar.

Offices of Labour all over Slovakia are another segment in which our company implements its activities. We help to young people as well as other risk groups to apply and enforce the labor market of the European Union by addressed wide range of modular vocational guidance activities and refresher courses.

Our services used by the end of 2011 about 42,000 people.

Our company represents:

- Internal team in Považská Bystrica
- External partners throughout the Slovak Republic
- Comprehensive corps of trainers, experts in analyses and co-workers.

Thanks to its long tradition and experience, PhDr. Peter Ďurný, Consulting belongs to the highest quality and best training companies in Slovakia.